History of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga

The current processes of nature

In nature everything undergoes big and small cycles, that continuously reoccur in the same order. One of these cycles, that human beings experience directly, are the four seasons for example: spring, summer, fall and winter. Every season is known to have a certain energy and certain characteristics. But besides these smaller cycles, there are also much bigger ones. This is something that has been described as the four “Yugas” (eras) in the Vedic scriptures. The duration of each era is almost a thousand times higher than an average person’s lifespan. "Veda" means "knowledge". It stands for the universal and timeless knowledge of the connections and the principles of nature. About 5000 years ago this knowledge was written down by Rishi Vyasa, who created the the Vedas. His goal was to preserve and pass on the knowledge beyond the current era.


The current cycle is called Kaliyuga (Age of Darkness). It is said to be in its final stages and will end soon. It is the most materialistic and disharmonious era of all times. It stands for war, separation and conflict. As long as it lasts, humankind is not living in harmony with nature and nature’s principles. Selfishness and materialistic interests are having the upper hand. Nature’s disharmonious energies are increasing.


Currently all people, as well as our planet Earth, are going through a lot of changes. From nature’s point of view the world and its children are switching over from Kaliyuga, an era that is low frequency, low energy and also extremely disharmonious, to Satyayuga, an era that, on the contrary, is high energy, high frequency and very harmonious. In the era of Satyayuga (Age of Truth) people are living together peacefully and in harmony with themselves, nature and nature’s principles. Before we can completely move on to the new era however, people are asked to cleanse themselves and the Earth from all selfish motives and they must also let go of all inner and outer disharmonious energies.

MPAY- A great gift to humankind

Before we dive deeper into this and learn how significant the gift of MPAY really is to people, it is important to know more about its background.


Everything in nature has a soul: Animals, plants, people, trees, planets, etc. The subconscious of every being vibrates on a certain frequency level. This vibrational frequency determines the reality in which each creature lives and which it creates. The higher the frequency level of the subconscious mind, the purer the unconditional love, intentions, intuition, selflessness, forgiveness, inner peace and joy that a creature carries inside. High frequencies mean that you live in harmony with your true calling and the laws of nature. When the frequencies climb higher, you get closer to the highest source. When frequencies are low, then the subconscious mind is poisoned with conditional love, selfish motives, emotional baggage and the attachment to old hurt. It is possible to increase the frequencies by undergoing a process of transformation and purification of the mind, so all aspects that are negatively impacting the frequencies can be eliminated.


When the soul leaves the body and drifts over to the spiritual dimensions, it joins the dimension that mostly resonates with its soul frequency. Just like there are different frequency levels on Earth, the same applies to the spiritual worlds. However, during our time on Earth every being has the opportunity to change its frequency, regardless of where their subconscious mind stands at the time, to achieve a higher level of unconditional love, forgiveness, etc. That improves the soul’s standing in the ethereal worlds and has a direct impact on the experiences we make on Earth, but also the ones we will be making later, after our transition to the other side.


Since the entire universe is full of souls and life, there are certain beings in existence in both the worldly, as well as the ethereal planes, that operate on different frequency levels to protect the Earth and humankind. This is even more so the case in this time of transition. Therefore, there are many angels, archangels, ascended masters and many other beings that were created by the light planes, that are supporting the transformation process. In the coming years our contact with these planes will increase and we will naturally develop a form of communication with these beings.


In nature there is a natural hierarchy. Beings who have gained the most powerful qualities of the subconscious mind, such as unconditional love, forgiveness and selflessness, are operating on the highest levels of existence. Their essence is infused with great kindness, purity, compassion, harmony and unconditional love. It is important to understand that the higher a being’s frequency level, the higher and more powerful their blessing to Earth and humankind. 


Beings, that are operating on the highest light-filled level of existence and that are responsible for the uplifting of humankind, are the 19 Siddhas. „Siddha“ means „perfection“. Those beings are separate from all religions and dogmas and have internalized the subconscious mind’ highest level possible. They are working tirelessly to maintain and protect the energetic balance between earth and its people. 


From this highest level of frequency, humankind received one of the greatest and most powerful gifts and blessings of this time, that is MPAY. It is destined to support us on our path to self-liberation and self-fulfillment.

What are the Palm Leaf Libraries?

The Palm Leaf Libraries were founded about 7000 years ago by the Sapta Rishis, the seven great sages. «Sapta» means «seven». A Rishi is a «seer», someone who has received the gift of the highest spiritual and absolute knowledge (knowledge that is valid at all times), from the godly source and who is teaching this knowledge in the purest, truest way possible. Agastya Rishi is mentioned in the oldest Vedic scriptures as one of the Sapta Rishis. He is one of the founders of the Palm Leaf Libraries in India.


The Palm Leaf Libraries are a great mystery that is entirely contradicting today’s material world view. Here, the soul journeys of millions of people living today have been recorded on palm leaves hundreds of years ago already. Besides that, the Palm Leaf Libraries are the memory and the protector of the true origin of humankind, a knowledge that up to this point, most of the world has only known in a falsified version. In total there are twelve Palm Leaf Libraries located all throughout India. 


There are two kinds of Palm Leaf Libraries: the Nadi Sastra and the Jiva Nadi. The Nadi Sastra is similar to an actual library as we know it. The information has been written on palm leaves. Some scriptures are up to 400 years old and are still waiting to be shared with the intended recipients. The Jiva Nadi is a direct connection to the spiritual world. There, various Rishis, such as Agastya, transmit information from the ethereal world to specifically chosen individuals. Those messages are, depending on the situation, received by a Nadi Reader or the words simply appear on palm leaves. All messages and information surrounding MPAY are coming from the Palm Leaf Libraries and are communicated in harmony with the spiritual world and the current developments on Earth.

About Stephanie Bunk

Outer Journey

I was born in 1982 in a little timber-frame house in the small city of Höxter, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. After graduating high school, I studied Psychology in college. Once I received my diploma, I spent four years working for Caritas as a Family and Life Counselor in the Allgäu region of Germany. At the time, I also studied part-time to become a Yoga teacher. For the last ten years I have been giving single and group Yoga lessons for adults and children. Feel free to check out my Online Yoga School at www.online-yogaschool.com.


Since December 2015 I am an associate professor at the European Academy of Ayurveda in Birnstein, Germany. I was part of the team that established the training program for Meditation Coaching. Additionally, I am also giving more and more lectures in the areas of psychology and Ayurveda. At the academy I have completed a 3-year-program to become an Ayurvedic Psychology Therapist. I am a soon-to-be Yoga Therapist and have started studying Ayurvedic Medicine in 2019, besides that. I am also an author and a musician. 


All of these experiences along the way, all of my knowledge in the areas of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, psychotherapy, personal development and healing, are flowing together in my work to create a holistic approach. I am looking forward to getting to know you and supporting and inspiring you on your pilgrimage of the heart.


Inner Journey

Up until the year 2011 I had led a relatively normal life. I had a great job and was in a long-term relationship.  Even though my life seemed perfect on the outside, I knew deep in my heart that there was something else out there, waiting for me.

Then, in 2011, my heart received its inner calling, a fact I could not ignore. At the time I knew that one life cycle was ending and that it was imperative for myself and my journey to follow this calling. I decided to let go of everything and spend a year in Mexico. This is where, little by little, the voice of my heart revealed my future way to me. During my time in Mexico I was fortunate to learn many old Mayan and Aztec traditions. Those ground-breaking insights were very meaningful to my future journey. However, I would only understand the bigger picture and the true impact of these experiences during the time I would later spend in India.


In January of 2013 I initially returned to Germany for a short period of time. But in August of the same year my journey took me to India, where I spent the next 5 months. This is where my spiritual teachers Agastya Rishi and Lubamitra became part of my life. That inner guidance, that I already felt in Mexico, was not part of my imagination, it was real, and now it had a name. Since October 2013 my spiritual journey is guided by the Palm-Leaf- Library in India.  


In January 2014 I returned from India and opened the Yoga and Siddha Center in Markdorf at Lake Constance in May 2014. It was in the same year that I was blessed with the ability to perform MPAY initiations for others.


On 11/19/2019 I went on a 2.5-month long trip through Europe. Within those 2.5 months I was able to visit 13 countries. I returned from my trip at the end of January 2020. During this meaningful time, full of wonderful experiences that have deeply moved me, I received the impulse to write another book to share my experiences with people from all over. This is just one of my current endeavors. I am currently writing this book in harmony and with the help of the spiritual world.



Author: Stephanie Bunk (2020)