Initiation in Maha Poorna Atma Yoga


«If you want to understand the universe,

learn to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.»

(Nicola Tesla)


Raise the frequency of your consciousness, free yourself from old burdens and bring your spiritual potential to unfold! Find a happier, more powerful life in love, peace and harmony with yourself, your fellow human beings and nature! Initiation into Maha Poorna Atma Yoga is a profound and beautiful experience and takes place once in an individual or group session in a personal setting in vivo or online via Zoom. After Maha Poorna Atma Yoga is activated in your consciousness, you continue to practice in a self-directed and self-reliant way. Whenever you practice, nature from the highest light levels works directly with you. For the initiation you should plan about 45-60 minutes.


For each initiation in the affluent countries 30,00 Euro will be donated to "In Harmony with Nature" e.V. to support the goals of the association


The initiation costs 130,00 € (140 USD). For booking please click on the button below!


It is a great concern to me that the initiation is possible for all people in the world. So if you come from a country with a lower or low average income or if your financial situation is currently difficult, please contact me directly via the contact form. We will find a way! For all countries with low average income there are extra created price lists. 


The appointment will be made after receipt of payment by email, What's app, Telegram or phone. You can always ask questions via the contact form! If you want to learn more about the background of MPAY, then take a look here

Authorized Person


Stephanie Bunk                              (Psychologist, Yogateacher, Author)




Phone: +49 151 63159303




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New Earth - New Human.

Be Ready!

Stephanie Bunk


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