What is Maha Poorna Atma Yoga?

«Maha Poorna Atma Yoga» means «Great Purification of the Soul». It is a simple practice that works from the highest frequency level of nature to help  cleanse the subconscious mind of conditioning and the resulting destructive reactions and emotions. These include fear, school, greed, shame, anger, jealousy, envy etc. These impressions in the subconscious mind are also called samskaras. They disguise the light-filled consciousness and are one of the main reasons why we keep falling out of our equilibrium and blocking our inner growth process. The practice of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga gradually transforms the energetic charge to destructive reaction patterns. This makes it easier to dismantle. This enables you to develop inner peace and build harmonious responses that are in harmony with the soul. Reactions in harmony with the soul are creative and lead to fullness, harmony, love and joy in life. The practice is universal, suitable for everyday use and practicable for everyone without previous knowledge.


Maha Poorna Atma Yoga also fulfils another important function. It is not only a cleansing agent for your own soul, but also for the collective to break down negative energy fields in the collective consciousness.

Develop with Maha Poorna Atma Yoga,...

...Inner Peace.

The practice of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga helps you to find your balance and inner peace!

...liveD Potential

The practice of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga connects you with your strength and the natural knowledge of your soul!



...Inner Liberty.

The practice of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga will help you to free yourself from fears, destructive images and emotions!


The practice of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga will lead you to more unconditional joy and happiness over time!